Vittoria, Sicily, Italy

25. – 27. October  2016

First transnational project meeting was held in Vittoria, Sicilly, Italy from 25th. to 27th. of October 2016.

On the meeting we met in person and talked about all the key points for the implementation of our project.

We carried out the first initial evaluation, revised the goals, the activities and the expected results for this project. We analised and checked the planing of the entire project, we agreed on the way and the frequency of comunication, organised the mobilities and confirmed the deadlines for all the activities. We discussed the posibilitty of the future problems, shared our opinions and  gave new ideas for even better and more efficient realization of our goals. We agreed to reverse project activities C2 i C3 so that the second student mobility takes place in Split while the third takes place in Vittoria. We decided on that agreement , because the school in Italy was unable to organize and host another mobility while still being involved in another Erasmus+ project and the school in Split was more content with hosting the mobility in April rather than the one in November.

While visiting the city of Vittoria, we were welcomed by their mayor. In that way they wanted to show us how important the cooperation between the students and the teachers from other countries is to them.

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Split, Croatia

3. – 6. October  2017

Second transnational project meeting was held in Split, Croatia from 3rd to 6th October 2017.

On the second transnational project meeting, we went through the evalution of all the before held project activites. We analyzed all the key points in the project and the realization of the project goals. We talked about the efficient ways which are going to help us achieve our wanted results. We agreed on how to better our dissemination activities for sustainbility of our project results. We analyzed the already used ways of communication and the problems we stumbled upon while working on the project activites.

We agreed and prepared all the necessities for the third mobility of students in Italy and for the third transnational meeting in Spain.

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Amposta, Spain

6. – 8. March  2018

Third transnational project meeting was held in Amposta, Spain from 6-8th March 2018.

We reviewed all the parts of the project: shelter boxes, overlapping landscapes, dialoging landscapes, monthly report, Mobilty tool, budget and project difusion.
We agreed that we'll be using eTwinning to communicate  with each other to reach conclusions and debate over the final event. We agreed and prepared all the necessities for the 4th mobility in Spain. We also agreed with the proposed plan for the final event in Amposta, and all sections of the exhibition each country must provide.
Thanks to great hospitality we had great time together.


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