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  • November 2017The third mobility was held on Sicily.:    from 13th to 17th November. The host school Instituto Comprensivo „Filippo Traina“ organised a warm welcome for students and teachers from Spain and Croatia.

During the period of five days we participated in some interesting workshops and lectures in the school . Workshops and lectures were held by both teachers and students.

We visited Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco Santo Pietro in order to discover their nature and an interesting museum Museo del carretto Siciliano.

In their free time students and profesors had an opportunity to enjoy coolinary delicacies that can be found on Sicily.

While observing new methods and ways of teaching and learning in school lessons along with cultural differences and similarities, students will open their mind to new ideas and people, fostering their social abilities and adaptability capacity.

  • October 2017:Second transnational project meeting was held in Split, Croatia from 3rd to 6th October 2017.

On the second transnational project meeting,we analyzed all the key points in the project and the realization of the project goals. We talked about the efficient ways which are going to help us achieve our wanted results. We agreed on how to better our dissemination activities for sustainbility of our project results. 

Protection houses for bats that we made and set up in all three cities, are regulary checked and counted for any bats.

  • April 2017.: From 22nd to 29th we had second mobility in Split, Croatia. 20 students and 4 teacher from Italy and Spain stayed in Split. A part of the educational program took place at our school, but we've also been to 2 road trips. We visited cave Vranjača, Eco village Škopljanac, Trogir, NP Krka and Primošten. The students and their families showed generous hospitality, at their departure a few tears were shed. It was a fantastic experience for all of us, during which new friendships were made.


  • November 2016.: The second part of the project was mobility of students and teachers in Amposta, Catalonia. Ten students and two professors from Split and Vittoria traveled there.

We spent five days at Amposta where we had all-day program dor teachers and professors.

Lessons, workshops, trips and all the other activites were educational and refered to future of the project actions. Students spent their free time together and made lifetime friendships.

To all of us this time represents wide range of new experiences and findings.

  • October 2016. :The first transnational project meeting at Sicilly from 25th until 27th. At the meeting there were two teachers from each country participating in the project. We have agreed about carring out all the project activities, documentation and the way of communication between project participants. When we visited Vittoria we had reception at mayor. That way they wanted to show us how important they find cooperating with other countries.   38576471171/1740210216244005/?type=3&theater

  • September 2016.: The project has started.

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