In Amposta, Spain

28 November – 2 December 2016

The first mobility within the project was held in Amposta, Spain in the school Iustituto de Tecnificacio, Amposta. 10 students frpm III. gimnazija Split, Croatia, and 10 students from  Istituto Compresivo F. Traina, Vittoria, Italy, and two teachers from each school met in Amposta and started working and learning together about the project. There was a warm welcome in school. During their stay, students and teachers had an opportunity to participate in interesting workshops and lectures, and were introduced to the city's mayor in the City Hall. As the starting point of overlapping landscapes, they visited the Museum and Arts Centre to document the representation of the territory and the bats, the first activity was to explore the nature . All of us explored Delta de l'Ebre National Park, which made us aware what nature has to offer to people. It was a remarkable experience. The science teacher prepared a very interesting and vivid lecture explaining the necessity of recovering the bats in each territory, since they are seen as a natural pesticide in ecosystems. Students have therefore became transforming factor in saving enviroment. Technology teacher showed us how to create refugee-boxes for the bats. In conclusion, this meeting's aim was to enrich experience for all the students as they discovered new cultures, new ways of living, learning and teaching. We are all benefit from it. 





In Split, Croatia

24 April – 28 April 2017

Second students mobility was held in Split. From 22.04. to 29.04.2017. in Split there were ten students and two professors  from Italy and Spain. Within the LTT activity through five days numerous of educational activities directly connected to our project goals were held, especially ones about getting to know and mapping  territories in each country. Students and teachers from Italy and Spain had a chance to actively participate in classes in III. gymnasium Split and to learn about new inovative methodes of teaching and learning in Physics, English and Italian classes. Also, by realizing and noticing cultural differences and similarities in the participating countries, students awareness is raised about new ideas and people, their social and adapting abilities were stimulated. For all students and teachers multiple lectures and workshops about basic principles of camera, photography and current advance technology in filming and photography were held. That way students were collaborating and through exercises learning and preparing for the process of documenting project through good and creative photographies. Students were also analysing and comparing different landscapes in individual countries and territories, noticing and searching for differences and similarities. They held an interesting and intertaining lecture about bats in Croatia. We visited cave Vranjača, Nacional park Krka, eco-etno village Škopljanac, cities Trogir and Primošten, always with experienced guids. Analysing territories through exploring, photographing and documenting, students were preparing for further activities in project: 1m2, Overlapping landscapes and Batscape initiative. All these activities, from beginning to end, were documented, noted and photographed for organization of the final event and realization of the project goals.

Here you can read Second mobility program, and pictures are in the photogallery.




In Vittoria, Sicily, Italy

13  – 17 November 2018

The third mobility was held on Sicily. The host school Instituto Comprensivo „Filippo Traina“ organised a warm welcome for students and teachers from Spain and Croatia. Their youngest students were singing and dancing in their tipical Sicilyian folk costumes.

During the period of five days we participated in some interesting workshops and lectures in the school that mostly about Sicily and bats. Workshops and lectures were held by both teachers and students. Science teacher had really inovative with his teaching methods.

We visited Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco Santo Pietro in order to discover their nature.

We went to an important archeological site in Agrigento, valley of temples and we were all impressed by its beauty and preservation.

We visited an interesting museum Museo del carretto Siciliano where we had a chance to see the collection of old caries and hear old sicilian dialect.

Within activity 1m2 students from all three countries showed photos related to their essays. They analised their photographs and debated about them.

In the workshop in school we had a chance to see how tipical sicilian sweets aremade.

IT teacher along with his students held an amusing presentation with bat robots.

In their free time students and profesors had an opportunity to enjoy coolinary delicacies that can be found on Sicily.

While observing new methods and ways of teaching and learning in school lessons along with cultural differences and similarities, students will open their mind to new ideas and people, fostering their social abilities and adaptability capacity.

You can see photos from Sicily in photogallery.




In Amposta, Spain

13 – 19 May 2018

Within the Erasmus+ KA2 project „One Land One Thousand Landscapes“ students were in Spain from the 13th to the 19th of May 2018.

This was the fourth and final transnational mobility after a two-year partnership between our schools. Coordinators of the project were the proffesors of the secondary school „Institut di Tecnificacio” from Amposta and partner schools were “Filippo Traina” school from Vittoria (Sicily) and “III. gimnazija Split“ from Split.

The main goal of this mobility was an exhibition in an art centre named „Lo Pati“ purpose of which was to disseminate the project.

The exhibition had shown all aspects of the project in an interesing way: Overlapping landscapes, 1m2 of landscape and the Batscape initiative.

Except those aspects, the exhibition contained a special part reserved for students under the name Student's Corner. Students from all schools cooperated well and thought of this part completely and creatively by themselves.

The students also enjoyed sport activities and they visited three beautiful cities: Tarragona, Peniscola and Barcelona.

It was a truly unforgettable experience!!!


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